Employment Judge Mr. SG Vowles Watford/Reading

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Assist corporations in a Uk Employment Tribunal Criminal Mr. SG Vowles ” ex-Judge Stephen Vowles ” Watford /Reading

This judge instead of being in prison for corruption, The government allows him to change the name in December 2017  and continue to exercise his career as a criminal. (Video below)


Whistleblowing claim investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority: Result that a group of oil companies ( BRITISH PETROLEUM  -Total-Texaco and Kuwait Petroleum) fueling aircraft at Heathrow Airport has violated the obligations of health and safety, placing millions of passengers in danger.
The employment corrupted Judge (Stephen Vowles from Watford /Reading Employment Tribunals) shamefully strikes out the claimant’s claim under rule 37, To Protect the respondent’s reputation.( This Criminal Judge Stephen George Vowles has changed name now ” MR SG Vowles”

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP9qf6cP8Wk

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